Commercial Investments

Prestige Commercial Group adeptly represent all aspects of commercial investments, for both acquisitions and dispositions. They work with not only large investment groups and REITS, but also small or intermediate-level investment professionals. As members of a global real estate network with comprehensive investment and business asset resources, Prestige Commercial Group offer professional market knowledge on local market data, financing, and investment strategies. Prestige Commercial Group understand business, investments, client satisfaction and the sense of urgency in today's business environment.

Acquisition / Buyers

Prestige Commercial Group represent individual buyers, investment professionals, institutional clients, and municipalities. They have specialized local market knowledge and access to the most comprehensive, up-to-date data, economic forecasts, and trends. The commercial acquisition process can be complex and fraught with challenges from the beginning. It is difficult to identify qualified properties, manage the transaction and successfully close. Prestige Commercial Group is qualified to handle deal structure, due diligence, financial underwriting, and transactional processing, which are all critical elements of the acquisition process.

Leasing: Tenant Representation

If your business is outgrowing its current space, Prestige Commercial Group is your ideal partner for locating space, negotiating the most effective lease rate, and assisting in the strategic planning of your operation expansion. Prestige Commercial Group will assist with every stage in the relocation process, from site consulting and leasing or subletting to strategic planning and asset management. Backed by a successful global network, Prestige Commercial Group is the best choice to represent you as a tenant.

Leasing: Landlord Representation

Prestige Commercial Group are ideal partners for lease reviews, restructuring and client negotiations. They use the best tools, online and offline, to give your property the broadest exposure possible. On your behalf, Prestige Commercial Group will conduct thorough searches to aggressively prospect, locate and qualify the best tenants, and then negotiate leasing agreements with the highest rates of return. We will also secure tenants to fill your vacant spaces to maximum occupancy levels. Backed by the most recognized global brand in real estate, Prestige Commercial Group can maximize your property exposure and assist with every step of the leasing process.


Prestige Commercial Group are leaders in the industry in development advisory and consulting. We assist in every step of the development process, from strategic site acquisition to build-to-suit and design build development, to compulsory purchases and leasing or dispositions, for small scale to big box to global development. With a thorough understanding of local markets, paired with an unmatched global network of Remax Commercial Practitioners with specific and exclusive areas of expertise, Prestige Commercial Group can maximize your business investments and development practices throughout the Canada, United states and beyond.

Consulting and Advisory Services

Prestige Commercial Group are part of the world's most productive real estate network, with the latest and best tools to assist you in achieving your business goals. They serve as ideal project managers, facilities managers, and consultants. Through Prestige Commercial Group from Remax Commercial, you tap into a vast pool of research, market analytics, metrics and data that can help you leverage your business assets into global business growth. Prestige Commercial Group provide office owners with strategic options guidance and specialized counsel and are key advisors for a wide range of consulting services.